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suggested that atheroma of the pulmonary artery may cause the so-called
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The aortic and pulmonary valves are oftener diseased than the mitral and
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majority no symptoms are set up, and with cholecystitis it may be difficult to
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Concerning the usual forms of general infection in surgical practice,
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vary greatly with the position of the patient. jNIicroscopically the sputum
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"Repeated examinations of urine from patients between 50.
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the stools should be carried on imtil the patient is convalescent.
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septicaemia and it matters not whether the general infection follows local
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practitioner of the importance of using this remedy in the treatment of each
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is not unusual to find them in the intestinal contents of individuals who do
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chondritis or the cartilages may be almost entirely destroyed; the process
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just how we should estimate apparent family tendencies to
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Laennec had found only "five or six cases," most of them having been small
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toxin. It is readily obtained by filtering bouillon in which the diphtheria
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breaks. Closely allied to epidemic occurrence is the possibility of spread by
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learned that this person had been suffering from a sharp
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the patient, therefore, that most reliance must be placed for recovery and
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observation is nearly fourteen years. While the number
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The importance of not allowing these patients to go from under observation
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The beginning of degeneration is seen in the nuclei of the epithelial cells.
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ferentiation between entero- and colodysentery is very important on path-
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and backs of the hands, and extends up the arms; it is also foimd on the
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when Copeman showed the effect of glycerin on vaccine and its contaminat-
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may be made directly from the whole blood with a pipette, using salt solution
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forms of exudation and with necrosis and abscess. The streptococcus and
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this or the following day marked catarrhal symptoms appear, the conjunctivae
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(i) women applying for the benefit of their husbands. (2)
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centages he took first all the cases which acknowledged a his-
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it should be carried out as carefully as after scarlet fever. There is no doubt
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Wtirtemberg, after a trial in 1829, made it obligatory for recruits in 1833;
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various streptococci may produce an endocarditis and arthritis in rabbits
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lution, tubercle bacilli, night sweats, or evidences of cavity formation may
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cultures are of great assistance. Tj'phoid fever may appear shortly after
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"From June 17, 1870, to January 15, 1892, 10,187 former
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significance if other conditions of the urine are normal."
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made by Laennec, Cruveilhier, and Rokitansky. The diagnosis of pneu-
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weight, to kill a chicken than it does a horse; yet chickens contain no tetanus
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and the nostrils may be partly occluded by the crusts of dried blood. Bloody
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well to sprinkle the patients with cold water while they are in the pack and
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inoculations with these organisms sera could be obtained which gave a
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gives rise to an albuminuria. Poisonous food products as
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the full dilution of 1 to 50 or 1 to 100 with salt solution, and then the organ-
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presence of globulin have reached the conclusion that it
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tion." Purdy, in 1901, regards the diminution of phosphoric
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up to fifteen its frequency greatly increases; throughout adult life it is met
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The bowels are at first constipated, but diarrhoea frequently supervenes
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it is very important that the clothing Avorn by the patient at the time he was
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Bretonneau, and when they went to Paris carried his views with them. In

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