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peatedly discharge blood by the mouth, and had no doubt of its coming from

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in localities in which the disease is very rife, or seasons in which it is very

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The left ventricle of the heart was firmly contracted ; its other cavi-

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Actinomycosis. — This disease of cattle, called "lumpy

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babies with cholera infantum, and other summer diseases

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given him warm in the evening; pulv. Doveri grs. x, to procure sleep and

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Injluenee of Age. — Age seems to exercise but little influence on the state of

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decided the question of whether or not exposed individuals

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found in an embankment. Iq regard to clearing the soil of its vegetable

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made on this subject. He then explains the conclusions he has

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months, and these are open to the public. The professor of morbid anatomy

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social evils which it entails, in the hope of detecting some

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the cases which I have aUuded to, and were recorded by Ungen, Frank, Hand,

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free in the alveolffi, or also in the interior of the cancroid cones. They

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into albuminose. The experiments of Jaccoud and Stokvis

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these affections to leprosy, which are but slight, and unimportant.

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and a portion of a third lecture founded on the same case, at

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the middle of the thigh, and an incision into the sac was made, the fatal result

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formation and alluvial soil — we find that malarial diseases still prevail; and

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in France, of '^ mal de misfere ;" this equally does not explain

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tumours, phlebitis, haemorrhages, chronic hydrocephalus, cerebral

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The Real Predisposing Factors of "Colds.^^ — Enough

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cult to heal. It is doubtful whether the promiscuous use of

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vases employes a la recherche medico-le. gale de ce poison. Par M.

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Pathology and Treatment of Albuminuria, By W. H. Dickin-

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injected of this agent, I need not point out : far better, therefore,

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psychical, mixed and physical causes. The psychical and

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Wills Hospital for the Blind and Lame. — This Institution is open for the pur-

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gastritis, and a numbness of the extremities is occasionally felt in chronic

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use trying to dodge that fact. "Arrested" means that

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patient, allowing this and interdicting that article, ac-

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found that when he gave only a moderate dose on the first day the

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that, insteieid of being attached to the slide superficially, they are

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age to the ducts of the sweat-glands and oil-glands. The

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treatment, and irregularly for some time previous. Sulphate of quinia, five

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