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tional value. They will all appear in the Transactions, many in

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to contain the necessary laboratory equipment, hydro-therapeutic

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R. Gasell, J. Erlanger, and B. L. Elliott. Some reactions in

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A.B. and A.M., University of Missouri, 1915 and 1916; Medical Student,

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Mary A. Hodge and L. F. Barker. On the control of diabetes in-

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in the microscopic and chemical examination of urine, blood,

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plays an important part in determining the structure

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Telegraph) such as, man with an umbrella or a lady with a sun-

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containing no inconsiderable quantity of fat, and one

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gical Society, Paris ; Corresponding Member, Obstetrical Society, Leipzig ;

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also arisen. Assuming an anlage as requisite for the development

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or, "Please don't ; ask my husband, he'll know". She was apparently

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patients. — Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology

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fever. The expense for the total extermination of mosquitoes

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years, respectively. Our heart goes out in tender sympathy ta

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scriptions hitherto in use for the rapid removal and permanent re-

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Richard Coke, as chairman of the examining committee, and was

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fearful proportions raging there, and as the visitors scattered all

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caustic actions of the positive pole; and the dilating, nutritional,

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6. Active suggestion expressing itself by acts, thoughts or

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of Superintendent Worsham. The appropriation is to cover build-

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York: Hougiiton, MltUin & Co., Tlie Riverside Press, Cam-

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Journal of Biological Chemistry, 1916, xxiv, Proceedings, xviii.

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proved quite as effective as streptococcus or mixed streptococcus

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should be used in the acute conditions in childhood.

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