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of each j. pound: Salt ij. ounces: thefe laft things
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is done bj'' the sunshine of past ages, and the light that cheers the
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lin' d and levigated, or blints calcin'd, beaten and
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he adds with great emphasis, in adults, convulsions never take place
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the coloured image painted on it ; he is at once arrested in his progress
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Another circumstance, which may render the discovery of the disease
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wife of an eminent physician, a continued and varied succession of spectral illusions
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remedies capable of diminishing them : hence we leech, and apply cold
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* See the official Report of the Board of Health, Quebec Cholera Gazette, p. 72.
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Spike-fifbion , of a White Colour , with Reddifh Stripes
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tendency to grind his teeth, which gradually increased to such an extent
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it is miscalled — for not the snake itself, but its virus is intended) is a
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men, situated in the left hypochondriac region. It is quite hard and
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patients lying on straw in the street leading to the hospital. Another
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almost always slight, as I. have before said. The skin of the thorax was
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Mrs. Brown, but she was jokingly nicknamed "Typhoid Mary" by her
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Cote, Marcellin, M.D., 294: Penii. Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.
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Record; New York. The Medical Gazette; New York. Philadelphia Uni-
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resented by us that we should be required to show our fitness for this

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