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questionnaires to the hospitals relative to the es-
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for instance, with your head mirror you can see very
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scientific deductions, would be a work of some importance, and one
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radiation in the treatment of disease is a definite med-
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furnish references as to character and professional
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of 0.03 Gm. {Yz gr.) and 0.1 Gm. (V/z gr.) in bottles of 100 and 1,000.
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take excessive quantities of extraneous labor, dic-
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matter be taken from a vaccine vesicle in a constitation where
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enough and important enough for a full discussion. In France, they are
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practice of pediatrics in Williamsville. . Dr. Arthur
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and art If younff members of the profession would be use-
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thrombin concentration by Quick’s one-stage method.
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youth leaders, and are entitled; “Parents’ Privi-
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This brings us to the consideration of the true pathology of
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should bo at once omitted and stimulants cautiously substituted. At the
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carbohydrate in the form of one of thg 1<*ss fprmpniahle sugars— e.g.,
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dicated that she had noticed a tumor in her abdomen
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student takes, with 23 others, a course of pittctical instruction, lasting
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The prognosis is most favorable in the polypoid type.
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tipped with head upwards and feet lowered {left) as contrasted with the head tipped down and feet elevated
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of the previous year. There were also on the pension
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heard Doctor Junkin’s paper and glad for the oppor-
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extra-systolic type. For my part I am loath to give
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papaverine) Vi gr., phenobarbital !4 gr., theophylline calcium salicylate 3 grs.
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Nisentil: A Preliminary Screening Study of Its Clinical Applicability, Carl Gottschalk, M.D.,
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tient taken the above prescription, ad UbUuniy consuming about
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1. Patrick, R. T., and Lundy, J. S.: Hosp. Progr. 34:
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formed on an adult patient In April by Drs. Evarts A.
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ordered strong injections of nitrate of siiyer, with some internal remedies,
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medical care vary, with the communities. The necessity
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is difficult to understand is why they -persist in ignoring
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46. Stevens, A. R., Legg, J. S., Henry, B. S., Dille, J. M.,
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practical work, and he has therefore considered the various topics
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10:30 — “In the Red.” — Chas. D. Center, Presi-
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conferences in May, 1954, with all interested State
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expired from cerebral injiiiy and intracranial bleed-

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