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public use water bottles so constructed that the ice is in a

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in Dr. Harris's interesting pamphlet, it aptears certain that

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titled to attend these meetings and to introduce professional friends —

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tection from, and the destruction of, certain parasites such as

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Evees. Charles John, M.D Durh., M.R.C.S., reappointed Medical Officer

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under conditions more favourable to a state of peace within

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leather. The abscess was surrounded by degenerated ovarian

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Maunsell's method of enterorrhaphy was the simplest of the

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showed six cases, all women, whose ages varied from 39 to 57,

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said : Dr. Copeman, who is one of the medical inspectors of the Local

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the north coast of Cornwall and Tevon, and that well-sheltered spots

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therefore, that the Ancient Egyptian physicians knew how to observe

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of which he was able to show, was, he said, very much prized

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appears to be in abeyance; the sum of £.iii,(ji«i wliioh was voted in is'.ij

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be able to send him back to Ireland considerably improved. The im-

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the corps specified, all dated April 22nd: Gordon Aiiercromiue Lang,

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If there be no sign of pointing, but the liver be enlarged

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I have never so treated it. I hold the view that tlie Board of

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45 per cent, of sulphur). The above forms of sulphur possibly

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of the British Medical Association, Mr. Ernest Hart has just

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I wrote to the Commissioners of Inland Revenue on the

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Mr. Alfred Baker in the loss they have sustained by his de-

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in combination with iron in chlorosis, and there is a general

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circumstances which led the Council of the British Medical

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amongst the unvaccinated as compared with the vaccinated

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Section A.— Foods and Drugs, including Prepared Foods,

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One of the most interesting of the results elicited is the

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