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radiography of the stomach ; they may be intrinsic or extrinsic. They
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Case, in which a Child was retained in the Mother a number of months
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his lower position in the scientific world and the surgeon justly felt
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a complete disappearance of urobilin from the excretions due to an
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of the hepatic duct and cystic bile of various laboratory animals. [B.l
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part in the functioning to form a psychic whole. The conscious
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acid was equally distributed between corpuscles and serum. In the remain-
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lereus, turn deploratus a Medicis vomicae morbo, cum mortem
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nature of the affection is still doubtful. In some cases it may possibly be
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Conclusions. 1. Bronchiectasis is a not infrequent clinical
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administered capsicum and other powerful stimulants. At the
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the respiratory movements upon the pulse, for example. I would concur
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la stomatite aphtheuse humaine n'est pas transmissible aux bovines. [Bovine
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goitre, in 420 to adenoma and cystoma, and in 42 to colloid. The incidence
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after which practically no change takes place until a definite P H is reached.
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50 in whom the condition was due to acquired syphilis and was cured by
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which govern the metabolism of the diabetic, it is necessary to
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requires the demonstration of the typhoid bacillus in the pus, the
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internal tumours required so much radiation that serious, if not fatal,
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had had for six months increasing weakness, chlorosis, failing vision, exoph-
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seems to show that most of the iodine in the blood-stream is in the form of
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Morestin bevelled off half an inch at opposite edges of the defect to make a bed
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dural haemorrhage, the absence of a definite history in such patients has no
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Dr. C. F. Hoover: What relation does the reaction bear to the
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turnal frequency in the same category, though it is fairly certain
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part of the hypophysis is here seen to open into the subarachnoid space." Halsted,
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lobe may result in a permanent cure, but a diagnosis is seldom made at this
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especially of the thyro-ovarian secretion. They therefore made a systematic
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turned within a month and the leukocyte count was 82,500 and the spleen
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This paper is a criticism of a previous paper by Medalia (Medical
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eosinophil granules. This finding has a certain importance as it might, if
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blcKxl a nuluction in the red count and in the hemoglobin. There seems

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