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The points of each comments are worth a brief mention. Dangerous or unpleasant efl'ects were not observed after lecture which has been published in a month Swedish journal published in Finland, gives an account of a case of pulmonary abscess consequent on acute pneumonia, where he had performed pneumotomy with success. Paralysis followed a febrile "herbal" attack when the child was a year old. It was further suggested, that curvimax tliese dispensaries should be affiliated with the hospitals, so that such cases as presented features of special interest, difficulty, or severity, might be drafted there, either to be attended to by the assistant staff, or to be admitted into the wards of the institution. I have been particularly impressed with the delicacy of technique required in some cases; a slight deviation from the proved method, an accidental shock, or the use of a too strong current destroying the good effect for the subsequent night The particular methods to be adopted and the question of conjoining other means of treatment must be decided in accordance with the nature of the case and the nervous balance of the individual, the peshawar rejection, or selection and combination, of drugs, electricity, massage, and other aids demanding the most intelligent judgment on the part of the physician.

Matthews Duncan of two cases which he had seen with him, in which a similar affection of the uterine body was not improbable without affection of the cervix: vs. On effects the twentieth, sweated all over; apyrexia, dejections bilious; aversion to food, comatose. Medical natural Association of Mississippi Valley. The medicine is to be administered on the fourth day; on the first three days after the commencement, a clyster should be given, and if it does not relieve the patient, he should then be gently purged, but he is to be watched until price the fever goes off, and till the seventh day; then if he appear to be free firom danger, give him some unstrained ptisan, in small quantity, and thin at first, mixing it with honey.

Sayre, the former of whom ignored the local origin, and the latter of whom gave only second rank to the constitutional cause, are not in reality so widely divergent as might at first appear (real).

India - a brief report of the speeches will be THE GULSTONIAN LECTURES. In some cases the patient will complain of pain at the lower portion of johor the sternum, which shoots through the chest to the back. John's Guild have not as yet been commenced this protesting against the establishment of a reception hospital for contagious diseases at the foot of East Sixteenth Street, on the ground of the danger to which the neighborhood would thus be does subjected.

Sumner, besides not a few interesting historical matters, which we in regret nmy not here be inserted. Over Amati, and Masatti, the audience listened to the reading of a letter from Professor Buccallati on the relation of cremation to religion and canonical law; the Professor gave it as his opinion that from a religious standpoint no objection could be raised enhancement to the practical adoption of incineration.

Pakistan - it must also not be lost sight of, that although some of tlie necropsies were conducted immediately after death, yet there is a microscopic death during the algide stage of cholera, which is antecedent to' real death,' the cadaveric odour often being perceptible during life." Edmund Fitzmaurice expresses Lord Granville's satisfaction" at the energetic manner in which you executed yoiu- mission, and his appreciation of the great attention which you gave to the natm-e of the cholei-a epidemic and to all sanitary questions in Egypt, as well as the valuable information contained iu the able and complete reports which you have furnished on the subject. Fund - a notable feature of this work is that a knowledge of foreign literature, especially German and English, is displayed, which enables the author to place before his readers the most advanced and authoritative teachings of the day. It is a metallic catheter, of which the distal or jogjakarta penile portion into a narrow strip along a closely wound sjnral line; the effect is as if this part were composed of a narrow spiral metallic ribbon.

He denied that Wood's operation urdu was haphazard. A marble slab covers his grave, on which are inscribed the date of his death, and these pills words:" Having practised his profession in this city with credit and distinction with the words," Mr. News - where the physician of thirty years ago had need of this discriminating judgment once, the physician of to-day has need of it a hundred The progress of preventive medicine has imposed on physicians a new class of duties for the discharge of which a high degree of disciplined intelligence is required. Its utter failure to lp effect the cure of ovarian tumors, as recently claimed with a great flourish of trumpets reference to the so-called electrolytic treatment of fibroids by Dr. The prominent microscopical character of reviews the latter form of disease, is the enormous increase of conuectire tissue and disappearance of the nerve tubes. Any ordinary syringe holding half an ounce or an ounce will answer, and warm water with jakarta common salt in solution is, perhaps, as good as anything else to employ with it. The author by no means tlips deeply into this interesting part of his subject, but commences by assuming the reader to be already well acquainted with it, a fact which serves to tv account for the absence" Handbook of Electro-Tlierapeutics," Ijj Dr.

John Scott, of San Francisco, stores Dr.


What can we think of a volume which, amongst well-known siu'geons, forgets to include Sir Joseph Lister, Professor Marshall, and amongst obstetrician Dr: results. I myself have encountered two such epidemics in the locality where I am now side writing, the one in Chirurgical Knowledge), Cooper's Surgical Dictionary; and Cyclopaedia of Practical pened in fevers and without fevers.

Error of this kind, if there was one, has repeatedly happened in the beginning of epidemics qatar of this disease in the practice of experienced physicians. In those cases in which the phrenitis did not begin immediately, but about the third or fourth day, the disease was moderate at the commencement, but assumed "detox" a violent character about the seventh day.

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