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become quieter and fallen asleep towards the latter part.
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fatty ; Dr. Jenner holds that fibrous degeneration is
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good recovery was finally secured. At a later period
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hours, and breathed tranquilly during the night. The
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fying themselves in the vai'ious schools of the United
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tive evidence of its tendency to rapid increase, there
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digestion may begin, it certainly does not end, witliin the
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of course, have depended on his own vital power ; but
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is a certiiin period of life in which the specific liability is much
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operation, or diminished the chances of recovery, nor
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with the exception of one case which occurred in the
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ral Council to represent the same to Her Majesty's Most
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fore the OS uteri had dilated to something like the size
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the insane now in course of erection in different parts of
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place several times during the past year, which has
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tercourse, the husband met with an alarming accident.
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tary officer of relative rank obtained, he was met with
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wrist was extremely contorted, the hand being turned
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of that document. The adjutant of an infantry regiment
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mode of death, the cooling is slow, but iu the great ma-
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tains, exercise his judgment in determining the proper
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in conformity with the statements made in Council. It
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the intestinal worm; and in one (Case 8), seeing that
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£'300 per annum, with the privilege of private practice ;
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no organic disease, and suggests a further trial of this
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error in diagnosis, the operation so far had accom-
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has been nominated aVice-President of thelDstitution for
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them were decayed to the edge of the gum, but none of
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tegrity of the mental faculties was most remarkable;
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applicant's absence he did not get it, and in April 1^01,
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College at the termination of the ))reseut Winter Session must in

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