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the old medical officeis who were thrust from their positions
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children were born dead after very hard labors, in the second of
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plied and with the retaining influence of the surrounding
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the early stages'only — during the period of congestion, or hy-
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almost normal appearance, a whole series of intermediate stages may
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peared. We ran out of serum, and she had to do without it,
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from the pen of an acknowledged authority on obstetrical science
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14. Bone and Joint Surgery. — A clinical course at the Central Free Dispensary.
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Lithiated Hydrangea in Nephrolithiasis.— The Editor of the
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tained from the use of resorcine, and Kahler of Prague, con-
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result is the same if the toxin be injected at a different time and
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and a case which presented true pelvic hccmatocele, walled off,
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reasonable to assume that the effects of artificial oxygen, ex-*
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The meeting was called to order at 6:80 P. M. by the Pre-
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in another bilious-remittent, or continued fever, than that
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Paul Christopher Fox, S.B., M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and
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form. Over the cottOD goes a wrapping of gntta-percha
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offer something under this section, I determined to place the
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Harry Boysen, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Obstetrics and Gynecology.
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Spectroscopic examination of the blood of animals and indi-
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mental evidence. Lectures, conferences, and discussion of literature. Prerequisite:
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Winton Elizabeth Gambrell, A.M., Fellow in Hygiene and Bacteriology.
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the ligatures (cat-gut) applied, all the parts are rinsed and
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not suppose that this confession on the part of a radical will make
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ent time (September 17th, 1884,) she is quite well, with some
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were lower than normally ; this was, however, effected, and
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lacerations, and do so without awaiting the appearance of
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Art. I.— Cocaine Hydrochlorate— the New Local Aneesthetic.
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labansee, FU. Beview of Kedical History in the Middle Affes-Prom the
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prefer to ergot). She had scarcely swallowed it when the
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Dr. Bedford Brown, of Alexandria, was, on motion, made
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tion. He asserted that in those States which had laws regu-
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whom the usual operation for the cure of hare-lip was per-
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actions and proceedings of learned societies. Technical periodicals are, as a rule, found
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shown by physiological experiment to be one third more than
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has been first administered through an ordinary dental inhaler and
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up the curd. After two months of i^e the milk is increased
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to the capacity of the pelvis. The patient may have been in

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