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care. As it is most desirable to keep a record of the results of hos-
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observations, the amount being found to vary with season, locality, op-
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to be a certain remedy for the disease. This was done at the request of the
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as could readily be seen on taking the brain in the hand and looking
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practitioners who have attended the lectures of Dr. Holt at the
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fore they were inducted into service. Doubtless many of them went
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sue that reforms fibrous tissue and the stricture is worse than
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cillia. As these organisms in sputum, and in cultures under vary-
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may gain an insight into the precise pathogenesis of the two affections.
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penetrating its septum to the outer side and just below the horizontal
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the least encouraging sometimes coming through to recovery. I
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tion in addition to the antiseptic effects. These irrigations may
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population. We have a few expressions of the distinctly medical
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shows evidence of nutritive disturbances in the skin by an out-
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II. Pathological brachycardia. All of the author's 1041 cases are included
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parts in the condition found — the induration, shortening, position of the
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ous system is an irritable or unstable one. Neurotic children,
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upon the relative merits of a steamer and a sailing vessel, as the mode
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To offset these advantages there is a morbid habit of intro-
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as to know how far the instrument projects beyond the catheter's mouth.
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The author occasionally drops into poetry, and quite good
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her from lying in bed for the past two months, during which time she has
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point one inch behind the anus. The ischio-rectal fo^^sa was opened, the
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Dr. Russell Fowler has suggested the advisability of aspira-
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observers seem blind to any but specific or occult causes of these affec-

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