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we found the pulse increased in frequency, or nervous excitement

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This paper was deemed of sufficient interest, by the Executive Com-

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ter was passed. The sound was introduced so far, that its aper-

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his farm swallowed about two thousand pounds of lime, mag-

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He cites numerous cases in support of this plan of treatment. — [Ibid.

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urine, from a few days to a week or more, is the almost univer-

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and external measures have been tried, without satisfactory re-

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ing exudation are the elements always present in croup. §

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excluded. No place outside of a hospital (the charnel house

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brain may not inappropriately be compared to a stringed instru-

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an itinerant cluchess. There are men to whom such propositions

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" I found her with severe pains, but on examination could not

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of this proposition, that I have based my assumption, that " con-

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tem," is also a valuable paper, and bears the impress of an original and

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predisposition to phthisis. Flatness of right summit front and down to

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acquainted with the fact, that, when combustibles are re-

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