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" in the royal flock of Spain. The fleeces of three
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the primary dressing and the primary fixation, but what little
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in mind are (1) to give the patient during the day only as much food
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a discharge of blood into the large arteries so that "the heart, by squeez-
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The Frontal Sinus headache is a very constant symptom during an
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temperature are the chief indications for this measure. A free incision
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legs, together with their manes and tails, which they
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wards is usually pulmonary, and due to phthisis, and syphilis are the only
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exciting causes of acute secondary peritonitis. When the result of rupture
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(2) If such certificate is not jiroduced within the time .-tated
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The purpose of these remarks will be to review some of the signs and
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recognized. The effect of a developing infection or a surgical
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the arteries in a dead animal. Always practical, he discusses the cause of
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food — quantities insufficient to cause a reaction. The amounts are
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results in the sudden drawing up by the longitudinal muscle of one section
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■worm to come out may be encouraged by the winding - out method.
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doctor had prescribed it for the after-pains of childbirth. The
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Chopping speaks very favourably of the use of a 1 per cent, solution of
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head — are immature, and generally very minute ; in some instances
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sugar below the normal level of .1 per cent. When the blood
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fluid from the body per vices naturales, and by the decrease of blood
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to distinguish it from tubercle. There may be great difficulty in differenti-
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ing itself becomes greatly indurated, and usually continues to spread ; at
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in being alive. I appreciate the privilege of having lived, as many of
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may be, is diminished, and in which absorption of intra-intestinal bacterial
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mour paffes between the fkin and the bowels, it is to
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itfelf forward, if the fore-leg of the fame fide re-
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by Mracek, it occurred in twenty-one. Other observers have noted sudden
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ferments therein, or form chemical poisons by splitting up pre-existing
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The subjects of muscular exercise, physical training, and fatigue are
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5. Cirrhosis. — It is possible that the jaundice in this condition is partly
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The University will impose a minimum fee of $10.00 per month.
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during life to transform and transmit impulses, without exhibiting after
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the metal redissolved from the tissues into the circulation. Milk diet
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usually associated with severe damage to the bowel wall, prove uniformly
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would have tJie effect of enijihasizing a di^■ision that isdisajipf arins;
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the oesophagus can usually also pass through the bowel, and large bodies,
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on the surface. They may be confounded with solid tumours, or with chronic

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