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tion practically unadvisable, because of the delay, if not danger.

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countries (such as Spain, Italy, Russia, Denmark, Holland, and

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tions ; or where the solidified post-nasal mucus has blocked up

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editor of the " Transactions " throughout the twenty-two years of its

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of Irish Roman Catholics, and 18 of English-speaking Protes-

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144. Alcoholic polyneuritis with radial and peroneal paralysis .... 274

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Spa Institute, Union College, from which he received the degree of

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The act of prescribing, then, involves a mental influence, a mind-

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In November, 1895, ^^^ ^^ elected Head Physician and

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joints, of septic origin, and but distantly related to genuine rheumatism.

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building, until now he has a very perfect institution, and

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upon hydrocele, giving the history of five cases successfully

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pus is revealed by the Pravaz syringe. This operation is

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Tuberculosis and Pneumonia." which Dr. Miller wrote in collabora-

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where these and their minor characteristic details are present in

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cases. It is related that on two occasions he had six cases within

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or perverse and distrustful ; secondly, the character of the phy-

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which there was impacted a hardened mass of smegma. The

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It is to be noted, that there was an absence of paralysis, as

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frequent in young girls fourteen to twenty years of age — that is, at puberty.

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the simple medicine acted in the direction of the ever-present

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Five ^ different types will be found in ttie illustration on

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ment as health commissioner, Dr. Wende installed Dr. Bissell as

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appears stupid during the interval, whereas she has before seemed

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doses every three . hours for the first twenty-four hours, and

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Toronto, he began the study of medicine in the McGil!

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in the establishment of the Eclectic Medical College in

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(he /o(*cA-^^oftening and shortening of the neck. Yet the

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the first case^ in which it may be very small, especially if

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Man.hi'sler, N, 11., whiTc- Ii<.t father, James McNiilt, was

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ing the entire winter, and there has been an increased fatality

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