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a papilla, and, strangely enough, is applied to cells coating surfaces of

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practical and to the point and show careful study of a large number of cases which have fallen

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This effervescing salt of Lithia furnishes an easy and

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of boron, occasionally spoken of as Homberg’s sedative salt. See Borax.

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IRIDO-DONE'SIS (Ipts, iptSot, the iris, Soviw, to shake). Tremu-

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muscle to the part it moves (see Origin). 2. The attachment of

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produced within living beings, into two classes, the former being cha-

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CINCHO'NA. A genus of plants, several species of which yield

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of the University Medical College of Kansas City, 1896;

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less volatile liquid, fuming strongly on exposure to the air.

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the oxyhydrogen flame from the jet to the reservoir.

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fistulous opening between the bladder and the intestines.

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Forgetfulness ; loss of memory ; a prominent symptom in certain cerebral

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and the system is ladened with an oversupply of heat-

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wheat, and known by the names maccaroni, vermicelli, and Italian or

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that have a high red count. However,, in those babies

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Thermic fever complicated by croupous pneumonia, 48.

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5. Attraction of Cohesion. The tendency of the molecules of a body

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living and eating. Not even the best schools of this

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varying the side. [When the patient reposes on the chest, this cavity

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TREHALOSE. A variety of sugar contained in Turkish manna,

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is an epileptiform affection of the cerebellar oculo-motorial centres.

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importance. Bathing, rough towel rubbing, flesh-brush

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organ is situated in tlie middle of the upper part of the forehead, be-

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$75.00 weekly indemnity, accident and sickness quarterly

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granules, which is extracted, by trituration in water, from the roots,

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Mental Health — E. F. Hoctor, Farmington, Chairman (1951);

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whilst the true spinal marrow' constitutes another and distinct system.”

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I there was also priapism. To these symptoms may be added tenesmus,

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The opening of a vein by a lancet, for the abstraction of blood,

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by a stream of water ; a milky liquid passes through, and the crude

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6. Alorbus incurous. Another name for cyrtosis, incurvation of the

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his four decades of practice has never turned down a

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