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comparable to the perception of vibrating and sonous rales, of the frictions

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class of two hundred, fifty would, therefore, be compelled to enter

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dicated compression of the brain, and accordingly operated. Prof.

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Dr. Carriere has just published in the Annates Medico- Physiolo-

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wine-glassful of water, with which it intimately blended; there

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there also must the formative process, the combustion, be

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malady, cancer should be at once thought of. Advanced age, pain^

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left side, but did not give up to it, till five days later, when

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tion ceases altogether in one or both legs, though it is proved

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ving the same organs and tissues, though occurring at different

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so much as to fatigue him beyond endurance, or deprive him of the neces-

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where there are undeniable evidences, and this long before the

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stimulants to sustain the general system. The swelling continued

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commonwealth of professional literature. It was peculiarly fit, too,

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character and our foot-prints on the national history, in the hallowing

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It is said, that " inspection of the dead body discloses more or

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R. H. Salter, M. D., in a communication read before the Boston Society

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sponged with warm water, and all the plasters and caustic washed away.

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ples ; or 21 pounds, 8 ounces, 8 drams, 7.4 scruples ; or 218

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the sympathetic) hypothesis." — So much for Pereira's " ex-

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by visiting him at 1320 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, or they may be

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cancer situated above the internal sphincter may be almost pain-

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of the limb, combined with a lifting of the head of the bone over

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high up into the rectum. This was retained, and the same dose

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slightly alkalin, Boa^s and Giinzburg's reagent gave a reaction

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ninety; while the general average in the former subject being at

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ments on living animals, it appears that the acid skin and the

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many of the Desmidiacece multiply, as already shown, by the

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is unreasonable. How many remedies and plans of treatment have

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This double conclusion seemed very natural, indeed ; it

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apparently, there was not the slightest connection, thrust themselves in,

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Brown was called in, who, aided by a detail of the main

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arresting them while parturition is progressing and before its ter-

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and that its ravages or malignity appears to have been pretty much in pro-

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the world with numerous fractures of the bones of the limbs, caused by the

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twelve or fifteen days, sometimes less, of this treatment, it is rare

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Wednesday (20th) of January next, in the city of Detroit, at

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fixation of the new surfaces. Upon this plan the thinnest borders

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