Paxil Lowers Intelligence
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sharp ends of the needles, having previously shortened them a

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over, finds indications that there is an accessory vasomotor

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cordance with the recommendation of the Hospital Medical Board, in

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which certainly admit of much doubt. On the other hand, it has been

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experiment would be more satisfactory if the disease introduced had not

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The appearance of this book is another proof of the

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mind that albuminuria is not an invariable symptom in cases of chronic

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) neuroses. The affections so called are peculiar to the nervous sys-

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followed not only by the injection of both placenfa.% but also by

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kept attached to the stump by means of a filament. The legs

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Benjamin Waterhouse, of Boston, the first professor of medicine in Har-

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temperature between morning and evening, the difference being, however,

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nephritis. Cases are, however, met with, in which the chief effect of the

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be tried until its merits are determined bj- a sufficiently large number of

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lages of bones from that of periosteum, which consists of tendinous

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time not being in use. These were, probabl}^, the first cases reported in

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echinococcus). The ova, ingested with food or drink, find their way from

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had occasion more than once to observe an analogous effect

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disease be in this way imported ? Facts appear to establish the aflirma-

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» Vide Art. by Dr. Keyes, in the New York Med. Journal, Nov. 1870.

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which the paroxysms take place. Malingerers will not select the night,

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principal recommendation, however, to tartar emetic in these cases

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applications, or the edges are pared and then united by su-

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some cases of cystitis the inflammation extends along the nreters to the

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histor}', causation, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment.

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He figured on the surface of the cells as well as between the

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panied by flooding; it is a frequent attendant upon renal disease, upon

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few fibers be the equivalent of a weak current, the fall of blood-

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forty-seven were cases of scarlet fever, and thirteen of small pox,

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the effect of stimulating the central end of the cut sciatic nerve

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