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do. A porous material impregnated with it, when soaked
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occupied had shown a scholarship, a power of research, and a
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must congratulate Dr. Whitla on the tact that 15. 000 copies
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analysis, nevertheless, shows that diplomates cau hold their own when
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injections were then given up. TheefTects of thi.s prophylactic
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supported his view by the results of inoculation experiments,
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medical science since the first study of pathogenic microbes
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etc., were thoroughly disinfected, and no fresh lodgers were admitted for
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violent spasms. I now discovered a hole in the skull, large
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in carrying out chemical researches you, early in your career,
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corded in London, which was 19.6 per 1,000. The 3 915 deaths registered
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spread and deep impression on the public mind, in order to
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editor of the Journal de Midecine, who undtrtook tocommimi-
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drawn special attention to the part played by protozoa in the
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At the Nietlieben Lunatic Asylum, near Halle, a serious outbreak has
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dry to a wouLid, the time might come when, if the discharge
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morphine) is recommended for subcutaneous injection.
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others and the acquittal of twenty-five. The court-martial at Astrakhan
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tice and did not attempt to lay claim to originate it. Sir
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point, as we believe that every medical reader will be fully
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arising from the further general use of already overcrowded burial
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to an extra-physiological pitch, and that the patients see
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measure, which was confined to dealing with domestic
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Operation and AJter-ki^tory. —On February 3rd, ]?92, she was placed in
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The bicliloride of mercury is made soluble by mixing with
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more temperate districts of South Germany the frost was even
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in Ireland on January 4th. Dr. Brennan was a great favourite
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me that the only way out of the difficulty is the institution of
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fere with them unless they were doing something -wiong. ■' ■•
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aid ofiicers appears from one of your correspondents, and as certain
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at a time, with intervals: during tlie -9th it was used for two four-hour
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Dr. Bryce Smith, who was retiring, he said, not through ill-
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Mervel under the hands of Dr. Luys on the previous day. She
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decease. Two years ago the Mayoralty of Liverpool was
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will be cordially welcomed.— H. E. Powell, Honorary Secretary, Glenarm
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possible, damage to the stiucture of the heart, I believe that
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corps, which has been much praised for its smartness and
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years, varying as much as the variations seen in the natural
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of the Scotch Subcommittee, Dr. Wallace, F.R.C.S., 66,
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thropic scheme, will be left to provide bread at least.
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