Terramycin Or Erythromycin Ointment
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Postgraduate Course — Raymond O. Muether, St. Louis, Chair-

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1. ‘■'■Quarantine of observation." This involves only the enforced

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It is named from the gi'eat density of its compounds.

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Perhaps, at no othe' time does a woman need reassurance so

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between Poupart’s ligament and the border of the pelvis ; 4. to the

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terrupted, difficult, or painful digestion ; difficult and imperfect con-

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what heals bodily or mental disease, whereas remedium is said of any-

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Clinically, this progression is known as first degree,

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'TOOTH-RASII. The popular designation of the Strophulus confer-

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Jl)c lod. pur., q. s. to obtain a saturated solution.

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U'C 1 0 DER iM ; E'NDOnERM (sktos, outward, ir&ov, inward,

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Louis, 1947-1949; alternate, F. G. Pernoud, St. Louis.

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the evil. It was discontinued by George I., in 1714.

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MacDonald’s, ectopic pregnancies can exist simul-

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nience wliich it occasions. It is probably what is sometimes called a

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larly observed in the Acalephas, Entozoa, Polypifera, Salpa:, and Vorti-

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16. Neuro-tomy {vtuporopita, to cut the sinews, from vtvpov and

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1. Obliquus auris. A small band of fibres passing between the upper

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kind, while, in the phenomena in question, chemical compounds are

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severe, the baby will be born with hydrops and is going

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mination of the bronchial tubes, are clustered with air-cells, and are

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electric currents, contrived upon the principle that “ the decomposing

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I LEVIGA'TION {lervigare, to polish, from Icevis, smooth). The pro-

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arisen respecting the use of this term, probably from different views

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TIME. A term iu phrenology indicative of the faculty which con-

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frequently causes no pain or tenderness in the right

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(1950): Morris S. Harless, Kansas City (1951); C. T. Herbert,

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Resident Physicians: J. WILLOUGHBY PHILLIPS, M. D., S. A. MERCER GIVEN, M. D.

mycitracin vs erythromycin vs terramycin ointment

doloureux ” is called “dolor crucians faciei,” by Fothergill ; “trismus

terramycin or erythromycin ointment

tetanus, &c. This state of things was distinguished, by jfarshall

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