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William Machan, V.S., graduate of Ontario Veterinary College,

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deal is due to the conformation ? The conformation is not correct.

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irritation which, especially in blacks who have fibrogen-

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any physician who has not been specially trained. The serum for ex-

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be discussed and passed upon by the entire Society at our regular meet-

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called cerebro-spinal meningitis, but the queer thing about it is

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2.3 c.c. (corresponding to 0.2 G. (3 gr.) of thiosinamin). One of these

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contain 2.73 ounces of fat? Let a; = quantity of skin-milk, and

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•three times a day for five days ; this was followed by one-half

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liver, are blood-forming organs. The liver loses this function long be-

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*^ That for the purposes of this act an article shall be deemed to

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demanded by the over-anxious patient, the physician should search his

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Meeting adjourned at 4.30 p.m., and agreed to meet in Pottsville in June.

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The present case resembled in no respect cerebral hsemorrhage, but

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fact that a cow aborting once has a tendency to do so the second

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accomplished through education. Previous to 1896 more than $2500 per

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lent in places ; malaria is universal in the low ground and

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four years of age, early in March, from tetanus following a runaway

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suitable early cases, but on terminal cases Sandes claims

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slight physiologic irregularities, which soon adjust them-

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that the more efficient the inspection the more cases of

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discussion. Diseases and conditions which have not come under

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exercise, are in unhygienic conditions as to surroundings, and fed

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powder, soluble in water in the proportion of 1 to 10, and is

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laxative. He uses the fluidextract (3-4 tablespoonfuls daily), or 1-3

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cents each and ''changes the baby around;" the super-

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Local meat would gain in reputation, if such a system were en-

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of ** Meat-Inspection.*' It is thought the discussion may be profitably

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who remove the ills and soothe the ailments of afflicted humanity.

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narian or health-officer, and must be delivered to the local health-officer of

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human. It is found that the bacillus from human is more slender than that

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my mind, nothing but stomach staggers. There have been many

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Although these Southern cattle carry the microbe of the disease

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doru8') ; the diaphragm (Maguus^); the meninges (Herophilus

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and Noguchi tests, respond to salvarsan and other anti-

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