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servations furnished by Sergeant J. W. Smith of the United

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the left of the umbilicus. The examination of the blood

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ollicer is sufficient to enable him to determine and

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The result of thesi; conferences was that the changes

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the intestine, the only hope of anything like satis-

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bers are scattered, and there is somewhat of diffi-

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nating from the basilar process of the sphenoid, the

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absence for seventeen days from May 8. May 15, 1903.

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layer in true and its disappearance in false) , can no

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and of such a nature that even to contend against them

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cancer of the large intestine 326 times, in the small

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ially interesting in this regard, for in these patients

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were almost invariably dUated. In these instances it

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raud et A. Gautie. Illustrated. Paris : G. Steinheil. 1904.

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grounds they had taken were safe and secure grounds.

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tracted parts before reduction witli greater precision

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rapidly as possible with the congestion and highly un-

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less frequency in the Boston clinics under considera-

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Examination of urine showed specific gravity 1,012,

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wholly unperceived and neglected, and thus the oral

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Advice. Lay advice to recent graduates in medicine, 27; American

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Dr. Reynolds : Yes ; but they were all resuscitated

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The committee will return the unsuccessful essays if re-

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t is not always easily seized, therefore a variety of

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Mass., June 2, 1903, for the physical examination of an officer

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himself at the hospital with enlargement of big toe

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indigestion and duodenal catarrh extending into the

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