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a couple of weeks after the operation. The nerve has kept in

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thyroid gland (obtained from Messrs. Brady and Martin) of

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An overwhelming series of facts prove that no amount

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Board to refuse their consent to the proposal for allowing

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dead, the faces were quite placid and calm, the pupils were

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and remained in fairly good health for two years, when a re-

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If 1 and 3 are constant, and, 2, the rate of beat is diminished

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superior to the bichloride in inhibitory ]50wer, but very

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iug by caVd should be discountenanced, as well as aaveriismg by cir-

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Society of Glasgow, I got quite as far as the position which I

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how such a cause should produce the effect. It se^ms more

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abandoned— perhaps, also, the vision of the skirts of a new

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But there are cases in which the foot cannot be brought to a

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with tuberculous disease, are practical and to the point. The

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had practically finished his work, for since that time his state

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nurse has an unusually delicate touch. Very few nurses

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nected to the left carotid of the feeder, were still clamped.

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" Ah," he said, " it's dark, it's grey, I don't see anything."


posal of the Chief Commissioner of the Central Provinces.

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pital, and the services which, prior to some unhappy differences, he had

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ated on a red inflamed area, and spreading from this for a

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patient being a tramp. Kevaccination of the Poor-law officials has been

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they grow and distend tlie cells, pushing aside the nucleus.

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Dr. Handfield Jones pointed out that the author had made

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suffered from severe myxojdema. The photographs, taken in

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ments which he could not have proved. Tlie facts which

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petier de Ribes's ballon (1887), and Barnes's bag (1860) in action.

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the Victoria Hospital for Children. Attention was directed

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to the guilt or innocence of the prisoner, expressed willing-

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a class sometimes — though, in this country at least, most

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solved on instituting a South African Medical Journal, and ap-

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Locd., M.R.C.S.Eng., Guy's and University College Hospitals - W

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delivered before the Royal College of Physicians of London.

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tendon or ligaments, but of a downward deflection of the

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out of a total of £20,000— should be placed, as regards voting

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persons interested in the question who would be represented

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