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results of irritation and h}^ereemia of the spinal cord, set up, as

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termination of the war. Otherwise, such doctors dis-

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Prof. Jno. Martin, says the Medical Review, has been elected

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Among the few modern synthetic chemicals, which may justly

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irregular tumour, of about a month's growth, extending from the

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ing the two motion pictures concerning cardiac condi-

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so the most vivid joys which perfect the life of man spring wher-

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the onset of bladder dysfunction. All were seen im-

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Protestant Hospital, Montreal, etc. Fully illustrated.

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fuel oil rationing directly or indirectly has been sub-

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Immunizing measures seem pretty largely the respon-

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It is amazing to note that for the many years of the

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busch type (multiple small cysts) is found, be espe-

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B complex, and iron — all in highly tolerable form.

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College of Philadelphia, 1903; aged 64; died April 7,

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States Naval Mobile Hospital Unit No. 5, whose per-

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should hardly know how to get along without it now.

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‘check pressure’ but raises the blood pressure. Insulin

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