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meet the added demands of work at home, and this may limit
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Then sheep's thymus two ounces a day, slightly fried in butter, started
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ings, this obviously depends upon several factors, chief of which are
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ing for soreness and pain. Next go to the head. Wet the
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and Vaughan {Jour. Exper. Med., May 1, 1919, 29, No. 5, p. 457),
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TLe long filamentous microorganisms described by Fisclil, Cop-
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covery of deficient motor activity, the diagnosis can generally be made
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71. Freudenthal: Some Points regarding the Etiology and Treatment of Post-
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drive and otherwise recoup her vigor. A few day? later, when the
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indications for the use of the drug are those pathological conditions in
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assigns to the uvula the function (during phonation) of a pillar to
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60 as fairly to reach the diseased part. And whether this part
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higher education; he had learned some Latin and French but w^as
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during one year fifty thousand tracts entitled " How to Avoid Con-
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31. Leloir: Etioloii'ie et pathogenic du lupus. Etude experimentaleetchnique
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has a general application to all the places visited by yellow fever in
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tion with cold alcohol yields with hot alcohol a substance which
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bruised. From this time the symptoms continued and gradually grew worse
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ing than that from any other method. In cases of lupus of the face
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Association tvitli Tuberculosis of the Lungs.— Theie has been much
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by attraction, to the negative liver, under the negative pole,
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malignant growth in a given case, or as to the nature of inflammations,
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tive post, and consequently will be charged with much leae than
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Topically. — Vinegar, poultices of elm powder, flaxseed
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additional cases have been reported since that time. As a rule, the
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the nearer any given part of it, say the aecond section — the pa-
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in the general humidity of the atmosphere predisposes to hemorrhage
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bility that once better vaccines are developed and widely used epidemics of influenza
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HMO such as provided by Kaiser Permanente, to the statewide
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afVirmativo wo put asiilo I lomoopalhy ami bi'i-omo
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