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ported, besides the one mentioned, where sarcoma of the spleen

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titioner of medicine from the application of the name

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fectly well when bom, but on taking their temperature, it

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(3) that where the population i§ scattered and physi-

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Deaths Abroad. — Other deaths reported are those of Dr.

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arranged with Dr. Gordon Bell of Winnipeg, the provincial

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radical, whereas nitrites, which are isomeric with them,

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borne. This must be applied without rubbing or irritating

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himself tmable to follow the surgeon's advice, as his

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given case just what result will follow this treatment, as this

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ently of each other; one may be hard while the others are soft.

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the genesis of the chronic nervous diseases of childhood. He

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Miles E. Biggar, M.D., Detroit (Mich.) Medical College,

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When the lesion is a parametritis there is an intimate

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entertain the Sections on medicine, materia medica, therapeu-

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or, in other words, the amount of constriction or dimin-

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dropped to normal, she was taken home upon the fifteenth day,

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of cases be reduced to two-thirds, one-half or even one-third of

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tion, no infection of the joint, no serious hemorrhage, and no

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An incision 8 cm. (3 1/5 inches) long was made through the

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a dog and a guinea-pig, producing a marked peritonitis,

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Physical Ewamination; The tongue is coated with dry,

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Prom the earliest times dysentery has been the scourge

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had access to the original report, I have especiallv

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exhaustion of the senses of sight and hearing ; there are

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drained ; in the one exception mentioned several calculi

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cular connective tissue was sutured longitudinally with a fine

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think, in selecting the Committee to consider somewhat the care

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essential, also in cases of criminal responsibility, and he should

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this instance the laryngologist might play the r61e of

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the patient's friends should be warned that death may

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would give 20 drops of diluted U. S. P. HCl in two ounces of

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companied it in any case. He cites an instance in which an

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the fascia lata was removed, because it was diseased beyond all

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of these nodules may disintegrate. Older cultures with

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tion of pnplTs. Removal of arches of inferior cervical and superior

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Our advertising collections for 1898 were $23,629.71, thus in-

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If the master of the ship says there Is no one sick and there

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irregular uterine hemorrhage after a variable period

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smooth, with no muco-pus. Curetting is worse than useless,

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Present Illness: This began one day after labor, twelve days

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the convention should go south in 1902 and the reasons for it

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attainments and a greater devotion to the welfare of humanity

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