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The following named captains ot the ]\Iedical Corps are

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variety of sugar or starch, the necessity of the digestion of

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loric stenosis, dilatation and hypertrophy of the walls

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or by special apparatus, should be combined when possible with

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deaths of children under five years' of age numbered 159

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Pittsburgh's Floating Hospital for Infants. — The Wo-

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men was opened, a small quantity of gas escaped but much

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Shekwoou, John W., Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps.

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the liver. This is always a serious and often a ter-

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considerable experience with local anaesthesia in the

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associated heat and movement — in all the individual

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infection, or immunity is established and the patient

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rhoeal arthritis, but should be used with caution in

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of James II. ; after which they became less violent.

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It is with considerable satisfaction that I am able

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the condition is probably due to an alteration in the

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T=-|-2? The anterior chamber was almost obliterated,

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I. Hall. Archives of Internal Medicine, ii, No. 4, pp.

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jected to the palliative treatment of uterine cancer

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wheel of control does not work at all and the safety

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