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that the glass or test tube contained therein shall be evenly surrounded on all
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lifa By February 1 the former had averaged 15 eggs apiece, the contr<ds
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nius.-lcs act on llie i<nee joint eseept tlio vastus erurciis, which in a
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disease. The outbreak of poliomyelitis in the X House seemed to offer
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for their affection. Other horses occupied the same stables and the
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economical use of lumber in building. While the length here shown
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these, in fact, when available, frequently answer a much better
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whitewashed. Where this Is impracticable they shall, when necessary, be washed, scraped,
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ber 6, 1946, with a chief complaint of intractable pain
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Brown, C. E., and Warren, Shields: Visceral Metastasis
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guide their deliberations that they may bring to all
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whitewashed, and is well lighted and ventilated. The tanking at abattoir No. 94 Is done
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United States^’®*®’®’’'’® and the experience with
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Mississippi 10 G. W. Whitaker East Prairie E. C. Rolwing Charleston
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the workmen on this floor are situated outside the room proper, and were in an insanitary
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and left the remnant in connection with the duct. This resulted in a
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«itl, H.MiIn.l hiX nn.l «nli m iHtn.ur..„.,u> I .i-'. .l-li". 'H - ""•>' ><"■'""' "'
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fibers are larger. Several adipose tissue cells (black) are seen in the
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this f\ iili'inT is tint riniv inriii'.'. Thus, it has lici'n run in I thai, w hen spci-i
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son “Hernia,” Clendening-Hashinger “Methods of Diagnosis,” Pottenger “Tuber-
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inspection was made, and wherever infested animals were found the
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No vessel shall be permitted to take on board any horses which have been shipped over
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feet. Two or more athwartship alleyways at least 18 inches wide must be left on each
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several weeks to reproduce black brood through the feeding of pure cul-
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this the solution was concentrated under reduced pressure at 40^ G.
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death certificates are given to the undertakers in order that they may
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By " fuel value " in this sense is meant the amount of heat which
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opposite side, the external canals hoin;.' in the liori/ontal phinc on hotii
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„„.e. The exae, position of ,1 nters an.l tlw eourse an.l -'"'-;"'-
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cortex was thinned and trabeculae were virtually ab-
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is fnjlowed hy an entire npset in the heat reiiulalinir mechanism. Fur
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oratory data: Hb. 90 per cent; white blood cells 9,500
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New York, all of them on a direct line from Columbia.
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Till' (iiHt ii\ii|jitii>n |ir<M|iii't (>r imriiii' is li_v|M>xiuilliinc, wliicli I
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rules are very general, and with this wide-open qualification the inspector's responsibility
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The index lest is appli.'d (V without previously producing nystagmus
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side, to Dr. Admont Clark for some of the photographs, and to
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national voluntary foundation for the specific purpose
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lungs, pleura, intestines, peritoneum of the uterus, Texas fever, tuberculosis, hemorrhagic
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in his disease. Autopsy revealed carcinoma of the head
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by continued retention within the peritoneal cavities of fowls by
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