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Seventh Postgraduate Seminar, Metropolitan State Hospital,
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cervix will occasionally encounter cases which show
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11, 1941, suffering with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus
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of one-third to one-half of the hourly casualty receiving
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by this therapeutic approach that eventual recovery
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ography and Heart Disease starting the first of every
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Resolved, That this fund be held by the Treasurer of The
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enous vein alone might account for the bacteriemia or
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hours after admission. Periodically, vomiting occurred :
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apparently a visible increase in the rapidity of those degenera-
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method was a workaday procedure. Within a few short days
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It is true that there has been a marked reduction in
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tition is more difficult of explanation, since such
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L. Savidge, Northumberland; Schuylkill County, James
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It is the cleaning and handling of the carcass with
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mann Lebert. 4*^^ verb. Aufl. 2 Bde. Tubingen : Laupp.
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and equitable distribution of interns in relation to clin-
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mittee, headed by W. S. McEllroy, Dean of the School
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are as a general rule to be avoided. They have a tendency to pro-

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