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or Vulnerary ; they are alfo Nephritick, Lithontrip-
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with hard, fliort, and fharp pointed Leaves , Hand-
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Throat- Wort in Form , but of a pale or bleak reddifh
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weed with yellow Flowers ? it is called Rbagadiolus
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other of the Examining Boards that they were learned in their
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after which, fpring forth two others, from the fame
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Poilon, Stone or Gravel in the. Reins or Bladder •,
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prognosticate favorably. But while I quite agree with the
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in the acute stage. He bases his report on 15 cases observed. La
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Leaves, and Tops of Hypericon twelve good handfuls.
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are, of a fad red or purplifh color, with many thwart
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ftreaked Branches^ dividing them/ elves into fever al
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againft Poifon, and the Plague, as alfo all Putrid,
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Scop aria, Ofyns, Pfeitdolinum , Linar ia, Flax- Weed,
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fometimes of eight Leaves, which are of a fair pale
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His sturdy hatred of shams and all kinds of medical advertis-
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um majus generis minoris , Yilago major , Herba im-
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Canadenjis radice rotunda , Herba Paris Floridenfis
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and third, grow alfo in Gardens, but are oftentimes
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sician of the New Orleans Widows' Home. This shows very con-
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Chapter, is twofold, viz. i., I ' ' . Bag-
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It prevails againft the Cough, Ihortnefs of Breath,
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never rifes above four or five Inches high, but the
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Lillv like Leaves, of a pale green color, with fome
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of all other Plants, in like manner, partakes of the
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tions, for reference to them occupies about three-fourths of the
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To recapitulate, then, we meet in the prodromal stage the follow-
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He studied medicine with Dr. D. L. Ross, and in payment for
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ther, more t Spec Lilly the lower Leaves; for thofe
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green color : ) The Flowers ft and at the tops of the
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had failed in either one house or the other. They would try
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the prostate gland suffer serious inconvenience and require
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ly Jihads-, from among thefe Leaves rifes up a round
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running Sore : It days the falling of the Hair, and
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made to afeend, without any Calcination at all. This
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odor or by a slight atmospheric change must certainly have in-
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ftorative, and is profitable for the Cure of a Phthifis,
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of them are long and narrow, like thofe of Lavender,
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ufed) is hot and dry in the third degree, it is Ape-
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ricana, Pilofella Americana olorata , Pilofella Indicit
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