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become so great that the uneducated find it difficult to gain a livelihood.

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lation in these lines of work will find a useful guide in this report

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autopsy revealed some small, hard, yellowish nodules around the

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than diphtheria, scarlet fever, typhoid fever, and smallpox com-

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addition to any symptoms or physical signs, a positive Wassermann re-

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miles up to speed striking a 700-pound blow or more. Fortunes

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taining hydrochloric acid or carbon dioxide. With the carbonated waters

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have the horses stand on the soft bed when not in service on the

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North Dakota ; Charles McCulloch, of Virginia, and M. H. Reynolds, of

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function; its fixed, for clinical purposes, position: its

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stand without help, and in half an hour fit to be driven. I tried dieting,

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being irregularly stained with coloring matter from the blood.

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quantity of exudate not containing the bacillus. The bacillus

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spavin. Otherwise this part of the joint was in a perfectly normal

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be made practically immovable, and a twist can be fastened to front

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had received an intravenous injection, there appeared in three to

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kindred associations for the consideration of the broader and truly

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the temperature of the liquid; but tepid water is generally more

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concrete his re-educational talks. Only after his patient understands the

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21. Suture of chest wall and diaphragm completed, showing exposure

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selves, he has little to fear from so-called tropical dis-

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Diseases Communicable to Man," delivered at the annual meeting

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themes of the address treated of in a light of the greatest importance

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mends the soles of the feet; but perhaps the most convenient are the

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or more weeks, unless some contraindication arises, such as neuritis.

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for you to apply it* It makes no difference if she does go down

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stable with a rush, rear, or plunge, and if he continues to do this

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that he himself desires radical relief. 2. Cases of recurring acute peri-

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placed outside of buildings, etc., with extremely gratifying re-

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when made to walk ; nose dry ; mucous membranes very pale;

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counter-irritant, but must always be directed toward hastening the

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should be tried in every case whether syphilis is suspected or not. I have

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and suli3hur baths for scabies are some of their treat-

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decomposing matter; inject uterus with a solution of carbolic,

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reed (the fine tubular membrane which lines the central cavity of

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point of inoculation. The spleen was enlarged and contained a

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volt ; wires were placed from the carriage-seat to the bit, fastened

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Nutrient suppositories have been recommended in cases which cannot

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the bite of a rabid animal or by some other means of inoculation.

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der, it would have been ejected only during urination ; but in this

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