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more typically arteriosclerotic cases of the non-plaque group.
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him that malarial fever costs the people of Texas between $5,000,-
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and V. C. Myers. The creatinin of the blood in nephritis. Its
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Henby A. Chbistian. Transient auriculoventricular dissociation
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this writing, with a mortality of 33 1-3 per cent of the total cases.
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restrictions; (2) the total number of hours required
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mannerisms, and she developed good insight with complete recol-
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Dec. 28, 1908. Since admission the patient has lost 2.2 kg;
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Microscopes thus rented must be returned in good condition
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jection, one leaving the hospital between the second and third.
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pass, for we should miss the pictures of the hearty, whole-souled
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this digression, I only desired to emphasize the danger of large
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has bitten the patient suffering with the fever. This can be accom-
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fore retiring ; and in only a few cases has it com-
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understand and properly interpret these pains, we must study
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Deutsch. Verein f. Psych. Allg. Zeitschr. f. Psych., Bd. 65, p. 500.
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called to her husband for assistance. He carried her to the bed
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ment, but readily yield under the treatment directed to the gastro-
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and W. Schulemann. Ueber Natur und Genese der durch saure
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* William Frederick Mayer. Johnstown, Pa. 510 iv. Broadway.
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brain tumor. — Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin, 1916, xxvn,
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ment; repeated blood examinations showed absence of plasmodium.
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In such a discussion, as in many other things in life, it is very
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the last two years the various clinical branches are studied
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and better knowledge of how to prevent it, a new science and a new
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as any very weighty evidence for an encephalitis. Infiltrative
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Hopkins University, 1886-88, and Instructor in Pathology and Bacteriology, 1888-
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two foods are taken in small quantities, at frequent intervals, from
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child, or of the features or any part or parts of the human body in
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ica without an extensive reading as it is for a surgeon to perform
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tion. This may be accomplished in the following ways: (1)
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12. Odds and Ends; Therapeutic and Diagnostic. Bartlett, C.
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M. D., 1917 ; Assistant and Associate in Physiological Chemistry, 1911-14 ; As-
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I will state that from tiie beginning of this operation to
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the male. — Transactions of the Association of American Phy-

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