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the division architect, which it is believed will prove to be very satis-

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one’s mind a practical list of conditions causing

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sistency* From the sectioned surface of both organs a yellow, frothy,

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nective tissue of this portion of the nail. In the outer portion of the

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Mrs. Henry Thweatt Mrs. May Boyle Mrs. Gertrude G. Harper Mary Frances Selle

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Regulation 58. — In all cases the waybills, transfer bills, running slips, or conductors*

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number of animals in a way that makes their bodies unfit for food

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leg, and consequently a hock predisposed to curbs. If the angle is


for individuals requiring rest, scientific diagnosis

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appropriation act confers authority for such work or for the erection

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pati.-nts with lyplmi.! \'v\r\- iiiav I..' maintain. •(! in nit r..<j.'ii..us ..ini-

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'''nri!''r.on,h,rli<n, i. /' I'ss nsislnnt than ...tvo ..o.ulu-tion to various

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jin'sscd. I*"iiii(liinifiiliilly. tlicicfurc kcfosis in dinliotrs is duo 1o tli<'

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tight roof. Coolers were In fair condition and all artificial light In the coolers.

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RegulaUon 21. — Beams mnst be of good sound spruce or hard pine lumber, 4 by 6

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There is evidentlv. therefore, some part of th. reflex are that .s eommoii to

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Conservation of Eyesight — C. Souter Smith, Springfield,

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pancreas was then washed in warm sterile Locke's solution and loosely

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tion on obstetric injuries certainly brushes one up on

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lamina. This live-layer tyi)e nnder<.'oes structural moditicalions in the

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thereof shall be allowed to enter Into any department wherein the same are to be treated

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stiinulant lie aetiiiir mi "Ue or more of the se>rments, the response may be

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cxtrnct must Ik- ailiiiiiiistnt'il cniitinunusly in nnln' tn iircvrnt tin* I'l'aii

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Some of the windows were covered with cobwebs. There were one or two large openings

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Fig. 6. Tubercle bacilli from original culture Boy V.

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of the medium and only when the culture medium is not agitated.

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poljrmorphonudear leucocytes. In many of the clefts small masses of

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septic precautions are not necessary in securing such pieces of tissue,

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introduced in Congress, but they failed of passage.

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rent produeod in th.- spinal .•or.l by stimulating the anterior nr posten..r

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Prussia alone, according to official statistics, there were 28,108 in-

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Carthy, St. Louis; Mr. Donald Pratt, St. Louis; Mr.

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herds of purebred cattle. How common it is was illustrated recently

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cause it contains propionates and caprylates. Sopronol

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Accepting, therefore, purified edestin and ovalbumin as single anti-

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tificates completed in conformity with the anatomical findings ? '' are

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