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described as less swollen and more red, with tortuous veins and arteries.

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the inverted portion after death is often withdrawn with difficulty from

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of the viscus in which they are located, but without fever. The attacks

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free use of instruments required for the removal of fragments.

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entire lobe is diseased : hence the term lobar pneumonia. Sometimes two

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vibices, hsematuria, bloody stools, and an intense apathy mark the com-

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there is no reason for believing that they are capable of curing the

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pubis. This prolapse of the stomach is dependent upon elongation of

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application of iodine, though much practised, has any effect. If the

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Sleepiness in a short time deepens into a somnolence which becomes more

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the peritoneal cavity, do not originate from the peritoneum, while the

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cially after eating, referred to the region of the stomach. The bowels

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complex knot ; and at times, through a reversion of peristalsis, segments

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