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the one over the shoulders, appeared now to be running rapidly
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wise adds very much to the value of these cases is,
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tudinal fascial fibres derived from the uterovesical
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lain cases of chronic suppuration of the prostate in
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of diagnosis were classified as gross and minor, the
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perhaps the warmth with which it is impregnated may, in some
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the hair-shaped bodies do not exhibit either loops or rings ; but
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cated trephining for the relief of insanity with depression of
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eral practitioner was that recoveries from intestinal
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it will serve as the model for a " Pharmacopoeia Brittanica ;"
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character we may, after death, find universal bronchitis, great con-
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of the Thyroid Gland. Dr. William Henry Thayer, of Kings County . 360
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placenta, although a priori, the most probable of the supposed
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tion is surely beneficial. Nature herself has pointed
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testinal contents is secured. Thus with this simple
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trouble, also, were pressure of the uterus on sympa-
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sorbed (3). Aspiration is best for infants under two
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Dr. S. H. French, of Montgomery County. — One thought in
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equilibrium is gradually restored and recovery follows.
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favourable results ; in twelve, adhesion of the iris to some part
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forded this opportunity, the length of the service to
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packed, it may be prudent to transplant some to other parts of
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with the Pronunciation, Derivation, and Definition. By
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bv injecting or spraying the site of the bleeding, or
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erably at points on a level with the coccygeal angle
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total inhibition of hemolysis are listed. Retests on
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*Read at the regular quarterly meeting of the Medical Society
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phenomena of fever, \vc find the patient with lividity of countenance,
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just as the morbid affections of other parts and organs arc in-
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where, any medical gentlemen that held the opinion that consump-
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convulsions arise, that the brain or its membranes become the
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chloroform, and extending the limb. In this way the psoas is
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]\vcr Weeds. The Interslutc .Mrdicul Journal. March,
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ficialdom refuse to undertake it. It is not intended Portugal S,5oo,ooo 2,000 2.5
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as organic diseases. The interna! .secretory glands
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and all other cases medical or surgical, be careful
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These three villages are those which compose the south-western
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forcibly and definitely the inseparable relationship
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power — the shorter the wave length, the greater the
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how it even suggests a doubt on the subject, if we recollect that

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