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having diarrhoea only those cases in which three or more stools were

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healthy state. While any congestion produced in healthy eyelids

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ovale in about one fifth of their autopsies which is a considerably smaller

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and especially a Department of PubHc Health although a De

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upon thousands of cases. When asked if there is any spe

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they are white to greyish white in colour. The connective tissue

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A. Cooper. He gives one very interesting case in which he removed

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of the membrane covering the heart and lungs which is

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been for ages certainly from the fourth century celebrated

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ly miscible with substances soluble in water and free from oxi

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cluded recommended five years study for medical stu

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into such a room to hear confession or to baptise and if

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sumque erectum per Corporis Fabricara disposito. vo.

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proving the correctness of their statement by reference to the

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sicians we are the primary advocate for our patients

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stage comprises the marked infiltrations as you find well illus

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they interfere with close study of the case and may

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self employed for the purchase of retirement plans.

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Kidneys. Early stage of chronic interstitial nephritis numerous

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and applied the bandage more firmly repeating this dressing several

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Cell necroses due to different causes show pictures of great

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Grawitz E. Ueber geformte Bestandtheile in pleuritischen Exsudaten

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er and he took up his long neglected love of hiking

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per cent of the total number of deaths is by consump

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exact and is limited to some strongly marked feature to some

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that may exist usually remedies itself without the necessity

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ture of two liquids of equal viscidity separated by a partition which exercises

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extremely effective when the political will exists and the

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normal response upon afferent hnpulses from various sources.

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items of general concern to members of the Medical Association

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which is extremely common in the West Indies where it

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