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plications. To say that plugging was a suitable line of treat-
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lines throughout its length the alimentary canal, and
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great value, but I venture to put the cases before you
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past winter. I have been in the habit in clinical teaching (as many
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cuVar movements, has often seemed to indicjtte the necessity for the
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bread and tea makes an excellent nurse. In fact, it is
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Professor 0' Sullivan pointed out that the growth was
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"plates." If shoes are too heavy they are likely to
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life and the same tumours developing after years of latent
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a Harden prize medal, in bronze, of elegant design and workmanship^
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moving the lumbar glands would be to strip the aorta and
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these cells ; wrongly used it stultifies the cell, setting
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ders Brantioned, it is available for delaying the process of decomposi**
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toil of a hundred million vcars. The main functions
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be indulged in or not. Also, if a laceration is found,
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attended with any notable inconveniences. The headache in yellow
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species of animal to another, as from cattle to sheep,
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A. H. White, President of the Pathological Section.
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per minute, while the former was sufficient for a man of
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Carty. — In Ames, N. Y., on Tuesday, January 21st, Dr.
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As well explain to the peasant Italian, the chromatic beauties
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diagnosis of a tumour should justify the treatment of all
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as chrondro-myxo-sarco-carcinomata. If we accept this
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tive, easily digested, nutritious material furnished. For
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Bniall spiculiuii of bone removed. lOth. — Does not feel well ; dis-
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cocoa, malted milk, and by means of preparations such as
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method chosen to complete the V^'Ttk/ ■ ^'^ J^ 7 I
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with evident relish, and slept well throughout the entire night«
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this situation are uncommon, but their occurrence has to
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toneal tissue. Its nature was not recognised, and from its
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immediate extraction of the intrapulmonary missiles
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death occurred exactly four months after the case was first
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body, and irrespective of its original etiology. Not
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ments as are here siidifn (Figs. 7, 8, 9 and' 10.) The Hey's saw
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as the only thing to be removed is not yet demonstrated

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