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bearers arrange the £liug-i upon tlie shoulders of Nos 1 and 3. .

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Hospitals; T. H. lonides, M.R.C.S.Eng., LR.C.P.Lond, of

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under the Housing of the Working Classes Act. The area in

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C. Kelly, R. Kenyon, A. E. Kidd. D. P. Laidlaw, J A. Laing, D.

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moved in most directions, and the trapezius muscle sup-

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In the various cases that have been in "Martha" within this last year,

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pessaries is readily acquired, experience is easily obtained,

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blishment, are placed temporarily at the disposal of the Government of

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next step is the delivery of the lens. Here 1 think I differ

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before July 1st, 1894, except those in competition for the first prize, the

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excess sets up a pathological state which gradually oblite-

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I learned from Dr. Austin that on October 2nd, at 6 SO in the

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In a statement presented recently by the Senate of the Uni-

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laryngeal obstruction, which subsequently necessitated

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and into exile in Austria. In consequence of this he was

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possibility of its being utilised in operation of the upper jaw.

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must get somebody from a ueiglibouring town, six miles away, if D.

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(that is, diseased inebriates labouring under the loss of

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risen again to 65°. He concludes that inorganic iron must be

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