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even less satisfactory than it might have been made

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that the patient “looses his balance easily, complains of dizzi-

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expensive equipment, such as, for instance, magnetic

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accuse the gentleman on whose behalf the letter was

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Copyright — Authors submitting manuscripts or other material for publication, as

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from blunt trauma; 65% of the patients were stable at

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Mr. Alfred Daniell of Kegworth and Mr. Wm. Daniell,

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A calcified and fixed goitre should not be interfered with, except in the presence

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439 Treatment of Benign Splenic Cyst With Splenic Conservation —

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tion Act (OBRA ’90) became effective. This legislation

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1. If adhesions had formed they would naturally begin at a point

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thoracic duct, causing distension and dilatation of the trunkal vessels,

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join a group practice. Must be board eligible. Needed August 1993.

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say that the abdominal incision was six inches long, that the membranes

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day, and sometimes very often in the day ? If it is

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Notwithstanding the omission of operative interference, and the failure to use

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their Uves ;* that it is neither right nor weU that

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and May 1864), containing a history of fifteen cases

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with tivo Appendixes : A. Conspectus of the Medical Colleges of

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3. McCall AJ. Race RR. Taylor GL: Rhesus antibody in Rh positive mother causing

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M.D., and Douglas Kernodle, M.D. for their critical review of

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dense connective tissue, which connected the head of the pancreas with the tumor.

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areas of Tennessee — Upper East, Lower East, West, and

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Cardiologist needed to take over practice in a multi-

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the purgative does not seem to be sufficiently prompt in its action, a purgative

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need. To aid in the implementation of the Children’s

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ever. Nor can we agree with his sweeping condemnation of " douches,

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lactam antibiotic is effective, and offers distinct advan-

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settled, we will be in position to study the questions of the general preva-

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We would call especial attention to the discussion of the eruptive fevers.

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symptoms, and treatment. As this affection is frequently the result of

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appetite very good; bowels regular and stools more of a natural color.

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muscles was entirely restored, save voluntary motion of the extensors and long

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and, to no one’s surprise but the surgeon’s, the left lung did not

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of fibrine had been driven into the ulnar and radial

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"1. In all cases of cancerous stricture of the rectum or colon, including the

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meet the physician’s practice needs. This may include contact

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