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dates were required to give an outline of the mode of ;

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of operations on the joints of the arm, especially on

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render it more ef&cient than it has hitherto been to

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different varieties of sounds which represent defective

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diameter of tbe brim, and from three to four inches

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the Foetus, and its application in Cases of Deformed

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in the middle propositions, which, in every particular

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cleverly illustrates this very system and its fruits :

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matically arranged. How useful these records may prove can

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various licensing bodies regulations on the subjects

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satisfactory to all parties, as the matter is now fully

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made it neeessai-y to watch carefully its action, and to

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tinued for several months,) that not one of those detained iu

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forfeit and pay a sum not exceeding <£20, to be reco-

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legitimate self-defence ; and I feel sure that Dr. Bar-

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viable notoriety which might otherwise be husbanded

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The article in a late number of the Jottexal by Dr.

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who entered the army some forty-five years ago. that

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tend to extract a decayed molar tooth. — Do you not think that she

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lowed when a contributing member is desii-ous of re-

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sides ' Replies,' and ' Short Answers,' and ' Refu-

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miains in perfect integrity which produces the consensual feeling

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ing from i^rimary syphilis. But, on the other hand,

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ties to such a system. Sed contra — I say to every

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from the irritation of the phrenic nerves, which were in

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Many of these cases appear to be stationai-y ; cer-

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but so irritable, that the dressings gave him great pain. Finding

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cipally affected ; before long they are over-distended,

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seized during the evening of the sixth day after her

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that the former be not undergone till after the clo'se

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injury. Without, however, entering further into sjjecula-

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and con-ected in a second edition of Jledical Errors, I

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The same I have repeatedly seen in children, especi-

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