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elected Physician to the Children's Hospital, Birmingham, to fill the
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confinement. A catheter was introduced and but little urine found in the bladder.
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occupied by a general swelling, passing down from the neck to the
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Dr. Geikie — I would like to have the original motion read for those who were working
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out extensive destruction of the surface. We should wait three or four days,
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essential Nature. — Causes. — Anatomical Characters. — General View of the Symptoms. —
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munity for its growth and advancement, and, to some
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eye — conjunctiva oculi injected, but less so than that of right, and vessels
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physiological than anatomical; they do not consist in any obvious alterations of
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to be used, it has been clearly shown that those employed by M.
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less regularly made, the Trustees have uniformly found
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where of two children born at the same time one was at the full period, and the
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characterised their sessions ; the successful fight for the University and
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upon the female the restraint of Viving absque marito, and Plath gives an
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their other children, had the moral courage not to go near their dying
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Of the whole number operated on, fifteen died and the remainder reco-
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from external injury of the head, by the use of the trephine, and three cases of
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of confidence in this method of treatment. Who was the first to institute
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nose, and others of affections of the intestinal canal. The ulcers were dressed
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be the placenta descending. I accordingly requested her to give way
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Cash In Bank, the bequest of Lydia Carpenter - .' 2.000 00
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Hydrocephalus, — I shall speak very briefly, and confessedly very im-
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operate for what appeared to be disease of the laryiLX, is worth men-
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ceive objects passing before her, but cannot discern what they are. Right
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author's views were also borne out by the result of his investigations as
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Otto Path. Jinat. page 29, note, had seen two cases of "translocation,"
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inches of Hicks's foot; another struck a stone near me, and, after
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proceeded steadily from nine, a. m. till five, p, m., when the membranes rup-
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standing described by Dr. Williams is correct, but we ought to have more than an under-
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received. The Registrar shall advertise in the medical journals published in Toronto,
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ble architectural effect. This work ought to be carried
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relating to all the workings and the needs of the hospi-
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xxii, by Mr. Cassar Hawkins. Mr. H. adverts to a great variety of con-
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Committee of the Whole, and the Bill shall be read a third tim© in Council, signed by the
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trochanter to just above the knee, where the portion had protruded
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increasing virulence the inhabitants of the newly invaded territories.
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InstitutlDn, and of the cause of the insana Mr. Duncan was
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The President — The report of the Printing Committee was adopted by the Council last
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to aid such persons by the payment of perhaps one-half
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Trustees cherish the hope that this Beneficiary Fund
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sounding the patient on the 21st, the bladder was found to be clear and
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might suppose it to be their own offspring. What are the facts ?
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many parts of the Hospital grounds. All these, under
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1. Every Bill shall be introduced upon motion for leave, specifying the title of the Bill
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which we shall keep permanently at the service of medical men who wish to
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peal, in every proper form, upon all classes of our fellow
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contact afforded by my fingers; this gave rise to the sensation of rupturing the

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