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A summary of Professor Trousseau's observations on the anato-

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scientific evidence that spinal etiology is true? Is

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province of the physician in the present as in all past ages — that is,

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up in Hartford by their Society there, and similar reso-

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sigus of syjjhilis or evidences of previous syphilitic disease. Their symp-

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After which, acute symptoms may be present for a few days and end in

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us to drop from our list, is Dr. (xeorge Firman Horton

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BDoet satisfactory effect. The patient was also directed, if there

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affection^ With respect to the diarrhoeas, dysenteries, and other

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of lobar pneumonia. In all experiments determinations of mor-

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The diet should be most nutritious. IS'ourishment should be admin-

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■collapse, with cold skin, and scarcely perceptible pulse. The pa-

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the agglutinins for the homologous immune serum treated pneumo-

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Nezt to it is a layer of germ-tissue, irregular in thickness. Externally is a

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corpuscle they could not be distorted by technique and the corpuscle

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many cases it was difficult to determine the exact duration of the

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