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and directed to avoid alcoholic or other stimulants. This lowering

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XIX. — Henry II. Hoyt, Co. D, 6th Connecticut, had received a

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expressly states that Iiis object is to secure a perfectly flat-section of

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Dr. Jordan — quinine, chlorate of potash, tr. ferri chloridi internally

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acts. On presiding at the meeting in honor of that nobleman's memo-

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Ave. mortality of con-esponding weeks for tea years, 1853 — 1863,

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that muscular rigidity is continuous in the latter, but disac-

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general psoriasis, so that we shall scarcely find a patient with the

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At Readville, the battery were in tents, all floored. Around most of

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P.M., Dr. J. was called, and found the breathing stertorous, the coun-

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Joint; double flap operation. Chloroform was administered by Dr.

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these matters. We were pleased, therefore, to see that by a recent

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(a non-nitrogenous, unstable substance, insoluble in water

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covered with a smooth, shining and very brittle layer, which resem-

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About six years ago I had a terrible case of puerperal convulsions.

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Often, however, these bone diseases are due to an abnormal condition

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the patient until 4 o'clock the next morning, the patient continuing

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we think, should more properly have been plac«;d under the head of

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lined the under surface of the epiglottis, the larynx and trachea (in

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Prof. Walcott Gibbs, of New York, has also been chosen to fill the

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tinuincr to be deposited upon those places where exfoliation is going

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destruction of hair follicles, and scars. The drug is thera-

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I strains, swelling of joints, and upon the chest. Burgundy-

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cavities; lower h)l)c liepatized. Heart entirely to ri<jfht of median

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more marked in animals than in man, as has been pointed

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was prolonged. She died on the 7th, all the symptoms having stea-

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sense. Lymph was also seen to some extent in the lateral ventri-

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another illustration of the depressing action of the drug

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them when dormant and frecinj^ them when oppressed by a load of

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and here is a war, taxing to the utmost the energies of the nation and

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assuages thirst in fever, and this preparation is also used as

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my care. With the excej)tion of thelocal applications to the throat,

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