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needs at a fixed cost approximating $3.00 per vacuole

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ical societies at this time will determine to a large

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H. Permar of the Mercy Hospital, Pittsburgh, and by

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our clinical impressions as well as those of Caldwell

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the Federal government will provide for the wives of

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retard the formation of sugar in the blood of diabetics.

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lulitis,” by Horace T. Williams. M.D.. discussed bv

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regards prognosis. The reactions are those of a degeneration,

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exhausted that life is suspended by a single thread which unfortu-

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12 — Mrs. John Howorth, 115 South Franklin Street,

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plication is eliminated in this percentage at least.

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that “contract surgeons” do not fall in the same cate-

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lowing prescriptions. If sulphite of soda be used, the proportion

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have no labor unions and strikes, no ten hour system. Every

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Jefferson William A. Hill, Reynoldsville Francis J. Trunzo, Punxsutawney

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gencies, I hereby offer a resolution to the House of

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important factor in this work. This type of treatment

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ciation of Williamsport and the Lycoming County Medical So-

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both local and general, as the attempted removal of the filUng

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of buckskin, which is nicely beaded. This is stitched to the breast

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supplementary in that it will give in detail the features of an outstanding scientific ex-

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the industry of its peoples, self-contained and independ-

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years in the House of Delegates of The Medical Society

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physiologic impairment of the ability to perform the

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means of the patient, for it should not be forgotten that at this

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ment to its source with a view to remove and obviate those causes

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Richfield ; Mifflin County, Samuel W. Swigart, Lewis-

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Associations. Approximately fifty delegates attended

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have them, because then, at least in our experience, we

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gently the radiograms of questionable pelves and an-

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suffers from a serious handicap. Its lessons, learned


American Medical Association: Frederick J. Bishop, Medi-

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a small diverticulum and a slight irregularity of the

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from the great city, and it don't cost as much money. There is

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essentials is to differentiate between substernal and

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