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and yet, what measures are more likely to promote the comfort

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distress, under which she is very impatient, and at times hysteri-

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splinters thrown forward into the track or into its extremi-

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fessorship; wrote neither books nor articles for publica-

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time to abdominal surgery at the Albany Hospital, and to

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ney's office of New York in all cases involving a medico-legal issue,

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mind over the body, but it has remained for latter times to seek

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stiffness of the throat, and more or less hoarseness. — J. C. P.,

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often, as it seems, of septic infections, such as puerperal fever and erysipelas.

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tionary Army. Mjjor Goffe commanded a detachment at

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at Seabreeze Hospital to ascertain the effect of sea air upon Bone

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able distinctions in his profession. He has not, however, been a physi-

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On the 19th of February a hard and diseased gland was removed

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of these cases for many years has indicated the startling fact that

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ing character, however, did not stand alone, for the foot-

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the expectant treatment ? " To which the homceopathist makes

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have witnessed most deplorable displacements in fractures

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cept for a small piece far back on the left side of the epiglottis,

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him the more readily to the healing art. His first preceptor

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matism as a mild septic infection, then it would seem advisable to speak of

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Superficial and anterior abscesses are opened by the in-

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of his charming and original little volume, " Hepzibah Guinness."

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versity Medical College; 1860-67 Professor of Operative and Clinical

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annoyance to the possessor of the presence of this defect, its

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spasmodic action of the muscles of the calves of both legs, which, when con-

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In his articles on medical and surgical topics he suggested many

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166. Attitude of a patient with hereditary ataxia 362

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all infectious diseases are parasitical ; and let the class of infec-

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Book of Homoeopathy (Nuremberg: Friedr. Korn, 1866) ; Dr. B.

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were mainly the body, the abdomen, the upper part of the

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one child, Anita, who was born in New York City in 1906.

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charity is large, and his generous aid is never withheld

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was creditable alike to himself personally as well as to the profession

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claimed he was farming, solely for pleasure, on his estate,

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has since remained in constant practice. In addition to his private

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the American Institute has joined the British Homoeopathic So-

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of a science, and which must demand much of the practical phy-

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founders of the New York Academy of Medicine, and the American

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Nelson as assistant in this work. Dr. Mircy early became

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Rochester, and Miner. They were men whose like is rarely seen and their

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should think a force of fifty physicians, practising ten years,

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