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menced as an apprentice to Mr. Ledsam, senior surgeon to the

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tlie capsule there may be seen passing towards the centre

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submitted to Convocation proposes that the members of the

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Now the Commission, at the instance of Dr. Lauder Brunton,

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in connection with a Bill the Council were promoting in the year 1S,S2)

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means of a hypodermic syringe, so that the circulation in the

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through the peritoneum. He says that in these days of

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movement reminding the observer of an exaggeratedineffectual

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necessary to repeat the operation three times after a few

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was born in Brussels in \^\i, and died in 1564. From the same source I

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by pressure, nor do they as a rule communicate with each

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gress of Hygiene in 1891, he estimated that the number of

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" spread over a larger absorbingsurface, are even more rapidly taken up

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absent. It is essentially in the interior of the wound that

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my own gauze, for use in hospital as well as in private

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the chair in favour of Dr. Whitelaw, the President-elect, who

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sected out where this can conveniently be done."' As to

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authorities urging upon them the importance of securing the revaccina-

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The first chapter consists of an interesting historical sketch

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Sandifer. King's College, equal ; A. J. Sliarp, Guy's Hospital ; iT. G.

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fectly good joint, for she can put the foot under the chair while sitting,

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who were present at the annual dinner of the Working Men's

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commodation of the little ones, and everything touching their physical

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affections may be made with certainty at a time when the

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slight flattening over the upper portion of tlie right lung, and consider-

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The ;-i80 deaths from diseases of the respiratory organs in London were

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well said he considered it, with one drawback— the frequent

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stated ;" and it is suggested that the ability to properly pre-

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the itch insect in 1834 by Venucci, an Italian student, in

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of gut were then pulled up through this opening with very

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H. Buxton, L.R.C.S.E., Douglas, Isle of Man ; J. c. 'Palmer

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In October, 1890, Dr. Amos Duke wrote to me and enclosed

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