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ever, to secure results which have been hitherto unobtainable.
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man. Those of group A are usually responsible for epidemic infec-
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of the abductors of the vocal cords of sudden onset. A remarkable
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Etiology. — Chickenpox is essentially a disease of childhood, and
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being, and often complain of malaise, lassitude, and other un-
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glairy mucus which contained no pus. It was decided to give
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(1) The reagents for either the titrimetric or the colori-
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departments. The standard of attainment is yearly improving.
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than would be expected. After the first week dicrotism is almost invari-
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portance to the soldier in the United States is the "black-widow"
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a large sterile needle. Allow from 5 to 10 ml of blood to flow di-
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for a syphilitic infection fifteen years ago, who for a year previous
minute quantity, will in certain appropriate cases relieve photo-
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(5) Phosphomolybdate solution. Place 35 gm of molybdic
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into the volumetric flask with distilled water, make to
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examination of the lungs of the patient before the acute attack. Were
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rapid rise in his temperature and increase in the soreness of the fingers, inflamma-
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excellent effects from crotalus in malignant scarlatina. In one
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instances there were six which were said to have suffered from
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Neglected Measles. — Dr. Danford Thomas in his capacity as coroner has
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Action of curative serum. — It has been seen that active toxine
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extending up into the inguinal canal and into the abdomen.
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lesion. At this stage they already have become disseminated as a
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