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Case 7. — Mrs. B., wife of mill operative : Breakfast : Rice, oatmeal occasionally,

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the introduction of the treatment of myxcedema by thyroid extract.

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ing shortage in per capita purchasing power may have had some influ-

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cose veins, and the cause assigned is the greater strength, in them, of the

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paratively recent development of symptoms. In a patient past the

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vulsions, 7 cases ; heart disease, 9 cases ; ossification of aortic valves

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groups of phthisis are to be found on the leeward side of the Welsh back-

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The normal width of the orifice is so great that a moderate con-

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It is commonly held that the dilatation of veins impedes the

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instance in which we could seriously consider a dissociated pigmental

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a calcium retention. On the other hand, Tauszk and Vas 27 found an

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Professor Hay and declared to be true chyle ; the total quantity of

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In the group of cases of primary anemia shown in Table 1 the car-

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is gradual, and in some cases there is an aggravation of the symptoms

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was employed in older patients affected also with bronchitis and con-

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to consume the night in literary and scientific work, and who , took

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in order to illustrate the improvement which followed only three doses

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thereafter the heart ceased to beat. Samuelson also noted dimin-

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need cause little anxiety. Of the effusions, the prognosis in the case

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water, and liquid extracted from the glands. On the average the

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parent, and may remain so for indefinite periods in the offspring.

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