Ipratropium Duoneb
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To sum up, we find that all parts of Dr. Wormley's book are

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obatraction lie finds in the fact that a dropsical enlargement of

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striation. Both forms of contractile substance, in fact, possess

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does not? The answer of this question is probably to be found

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occurs, but which may or may not be invested by a proper cell-

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officially admitted until the SSrd July, there can be no reasonable

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coming over-distended through paralysis of their coats, suffer

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where cholera then existed, and one report stated that the outbreak

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Upper lobe of the left lung emphysematous. Fluid blood and bloody

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questioned by many, some physicians* reporting failure to cor-

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2. The Nerves of the Uterus and their Termination in the Smooth

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the side of their proper structure an excessive development of

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The convenience which attaches to it from cold water being

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cal attacks, as trie author observed four times. He observed fourteen

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and the astringents. The antidiarrheics act on the nervous sys-

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1868.] Recent Observations upon the Coniractile Tissues. 91

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radial and temporal arteries, or possibly a few more peripheral

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I when the patient is plethoric, that discharge is accompanied

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places in the country ; and in 1854 It was more widely diffused over tbe whole

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nymphffi in women. The tumour of simple elephantiasis is commonly

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found efficacious; and in its earlier stages these alone often stop the progress of the

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atrovent is used for what

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however, drugs may act in a specific manner — e. g., adrenalin(?).

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belching of gas. She has developed constant ringing in the ears.

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This disease rarely attacks but one of the ovaria, so that menstruation is not af-

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taUs. Instead of going into greater detail about the common-

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oils by mouth, such as olive oil, also tends to help the healing of

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act. The same method of procedure is carried out as under

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origin, as well as in their nature, and never having been consti-

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age — whether in the male or female of the human species, or among the brute

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