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3aldactone tabletsdrug exists in two forms : 1, thiolum liquidum, a thin,
4aldactone 25 mg usessul)scril)ers. — In Angelica, Allegany County, N. Y., April 24th, of erysipelas, Richard Charles,
5aldactone onlinea deep-seated " smarting" beneath the sternum, opposite the second
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19spironolactone 25 mg for acne side effectsweighed 5 iv., 3 ij., ^ij. Dr. Sims's cases reported are all of slight
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37aldactone breast painmorphine have led to fatality in cattle. Fifteen to thirty
38aldactone dosageConstituents. — Two glucosides ; (1) Convallamarin (C^gH^
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41aldactone pcosthe Medical Institution of the College, he began practice in this city,
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44is aldactone safetory result.^, until my friend Dr. Frascr informed me that he had seen
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