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the Htiinulation ha« bom muov.d. the ph.t.«mo...,i. h.i..« now known as
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To Prevent the Spread of Splenetic Fever in Cattle (Effective from April 16
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We used 10 of the acids in our first experiment; namely, glycocoU,
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Cooking, stuffing, and soldering room. — This room contained a processing machine. In
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more free there was soon noticed a slight tendency toward massing
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dairy and food commissioner of the State in which the creamery is
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When 113,597 doctors from coast to coast — in every field of medicine — were asked by three independent
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taining to chest diseases be presented at medical meet-
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senile patients. Also, some cases have color vision
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what globular mass, resembling a rounded and hypertrophied right
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have fotin.l that a L'r.'at ].art of tli.' ilis.',.nifort .'xp.'ri.'iiee.l l,y liviu-j: in
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I'.olk foiMid a d.'tiuit )rrcspondcMiM. to exist Intwoon tiie variations in tli^
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controlled solutions in a room free from fumes of acids or alkalies.
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fakes lonirei- and lonsrei- to occiir and hecomes less nnd less perfeet. Tn
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The physiology of the heart itself is interesting. It is diflScult to
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spots*; pork on the floor. Other portions of the cellar were fairly dry as to the floor
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min-.' will not he snffleient to keep it on thr surfaee. These swimminir
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nearly .so stril<inp as would be expected if the liver -were the main seat
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are not assimilable in this sense, but are simply burned to get rid of
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border of the jaw and comparing it with the thinness of this bone in
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are least to be criticised in this respect. Taken as a whole, all three
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brisk demand, and the year as a whole was one of remarkable pros-
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she showed what may be regarded as the unmistakable symptoms of
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cattle wherever found, either on the open range or in pastures, with
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the latter plugged with a cotton plug, the end of the wire being
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necessity for a vigorous line of treatment to combat disease of the
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and mule raising In the South, article by George M. Rommel 247-261
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inches from the ligament of Treitz.* Pathologic study of
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62. As has been previously stated by the committee, after careful inquiry, only one
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of cattle from the United States, giving as a reason the prevalence of
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allowed to move, except as provided for immediate slaughter, to any point not in the
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Auxiliary was approved: Drs. W. H. Breuer, St. James;
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it is relatively easy to pull the fragments too far
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alTercnt stimuli on to the final eominon iiatli Ijeeomes evident wlieii we
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caked cleavers were noted, with much blood spattered on the walls. No evidence of paint
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Hickory, Jasper, Lawrence, McDonald, Newton. Polk, Stone.
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essentially of two urea nioleeiili's linkeij lo^etlier liy a ci-ntraj eliaiii of
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was withheld. After a study of 200 hearts from rats, cats, dogs, oxen,
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dean and healthy supply of this food. That the regulations are
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olisni is. liowever. • \ no nie.'i'is tlie onl\ way Iiy mIiIi-Ii tlic results can
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designs are not intended to- represent the only constructions advisable
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„,.,. .M-on,..-.l to.„..-1 !....•. in tlu. s.ns.- Ilu.l pain s.-nsations. wi-tlM-r .l-'op o,
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body tissues in dextrose metabolism, and if so, how is it accomplished?
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It was shown by the investigations of the Experiment Station that
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,l,e last of these is the most likely ■•ause for the reeovery. Thus, ,t uas
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by rciulire> to abolish entirely the increased metabolism which neciii-
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Medicine, the result is very surprising, especially if the 21 hospitals

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